Generally speaking AAS provides a unique scren learning atmosphere that enhances inspirational loving, learning and fun.

Nursery School

Our Nursery school is unique in the following ways: early introduction of phonics to the learners. Which in no small quantity provides magnificent progress in learners literacy at a very early stage.

As national supported by the national policy of education, our rich language environment supports learners and forster better understanding of subjects. Strong bond in the relationship between the PTA and school management all the needs of parents and their expectations. The ethos in our classroom setting and sitting arrangements is also a point to note in terms of our uniqueness and has helped greatly in enhancing better learning through enjoyable and unforgettable learning experience. Confidence boost, in the social skill, communication, motivation, physical skills knowledge and understanding during outdoor events such as sports, assembly and entrepreneur skills.

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Nursery Gallery

This section hosts learners between the ages of five to ten years in an environment that enables our learners to develop lasting impressions that will enhance their positive attitude to life-long learning.

Here, you learn how to grow.

Enroll for a new admission on or before December 2023.

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